My Pillars

Group exercise
Required materials: 
Blank paper, pencils or pen.

This exercise is a useful way for participants to reflect on elements or ‘pillars’ of their life and to assess how much time and attention they devote to each, in order to determine what is and isn’t in balance.

Key explanation points30:

  • Ask participants to draw a house that illustrates their current life. They should do this individually, without discussion.
  • First, they draw the roof of a house. Then they are asked to draw the pillars that represent the different aspects of their life that are important to them and ‘hold up’ their house. These pillars should be labeled. The pillars should be drawn in proportion to how important they are and how much time they spend on them.
  • Once they have completed their ‘house’, they return to the group and each participant presents it.

Facilitation Notes:

An example of how a completed ‘house with pillars’ might look is presented below:

 House of pillarsHouse of pillars


  • 30. Created by Sandra Ljubinkovic.