Integrated wellness exercises



Selection considerations

When to use


My pillars

This is an excellent exercise for use in a workshop that has a deeper focus on wellness.

Day Two, morning or afternoon

45 minutes

Pillars personal plan

Use in conjunction with ‘My Pillars’ exercise

Day Two, morning or afternoon

45 minutes

The river

All workshops should include some form of discussion of well-being strategies, this exercise is a strong, interactive format to help the group identify and discuss strategies.

Day Two, afternoon or Day Three morning

60 minutes

Well-being barometer exercise

This is a good exercise to open up either a session or a day of work on wellness, it is very dynamic, so a good energiser as well.

Day Two, morning

30 minutes

Body Map

This is a very powerful exercise that helps participants connect to their bodies, emotions and experiences by drawing a life-size outline of their bodies and placing symbols on the drawing on the areas where they feel strong emotions.


Day two, never in the end of the day

60 minutes

Finger holds for managing emotions

This is a quick, practical exercise that teaches simple tools for managing extreme emotions. It can be used as an energiser as well and is good to use after an emotionally challenging exercise.

Day Two, morning or afternoon, Day Three morning

20 minutes

Hara breathing

This is a good exercise to begin a session and in particular to help a group to focus and to clear stress.

Day One, morning, Day Two morning or afternoon

30 minutes