Our bodies



2 hours (for 2 of 3 exercises, see facilitation notes below)

Session objective:

to encourage participants to explore and strategise around three specific well-being issues: our physical body and health, our experience of pleasure and physical and psychological rest

Required materials:           

'Taking time for pleasure' and 'Right to rest' exercises, in appropriate language.

Key explanation points:

  • This session is useful for exploring further well-being issues. It can serve as a supplement to the integrated wellness session. Each of the three exercises included in this session can also be ‘stand-alone’ exercises to inspire deeper discussion of specific aspects of participants well-being.
  • The session is composed of three exercises that explore our relationship to: our physical body and health (‘Our bodies’ exercise); our experience of pleasure (‘Taking time for pleasure’ exercise); and physical and psychological rest (‘Right to rest’ exercise).
  • This session is best used on Day Two and early on Day Three.

Facilitation notes:

  • The session should commence with the first exercise, 'our bodies' exercise and be followed with either one of the following exercises exploring pleasure and rest, depending on the group’s priorities.
  • If the facilitator wishes to use both exercises, one of the exercises should be used at a different point in the day or on a different day.