Threats exercises


Selection considerations

When to use


Example text for introducing threats

All or part of this text can be adapted by facilitators to present the concept of threats to the group, in preparation for exercises to analyse threats. However, these points can also be woven into discussions after the integrated security presentation as well.

Day One, morning or afternoon

20 minutes

Threats assessment: written exercise

This exercise should be used for groups working in depth on threats, and particularly for groups that work best with written tools. Alternately, it can be given as a hand-out for participants to take home.

Day One, afternoon, could also be used as a handout

45 minutes

Defining the threshold of acceptable risk

This is an optional exercise, for use with groups that need to go more into depth with threat assessment. It would be particularly useful for groups that tend towards a ‘fatalistic’ attitude towards risk.

Day One, morning or afternoon

45 minutes