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Before the workshop, facilitators should adapt this manual to the priorities, context and learning style of the participants. This adaptation should be grounded in an assessment process that includes the information under:


Organisational interview and discussions, relevant document review, individual participant interviews, immeditaley before and during the workshop.

Organisational interviews and discussions

Discuss organisational and individual security challenges and protection strategies with national organisations sending participants to the workshop as well as with supporting international and regional organisations.

Immediately before and during the workshop

  • Facilitators meet at least one day before the workshop, on site, to finalise workshop adaptation.
  • Create a safe space for participants to discuss, identify and prioritise their key concerns – offer them the opportunity to define security for themselves.
  • Assess continuously participants’ unspoken concerns – that is, energy levels, health concerns and individual or collective emotions such as grief, guilt, sense of futility and possibility.
  • Pay attention to the effectiveness and appropriateness of various exercises and other workshop elements such as meeting space configuration and location. Facilitators may need to adjust aspects of the workshop to better suit participant learning styles, physical ability, age and to address group dynamics.