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This is a fun, upbeat icebreaker to shift group energy and build connections that involves shouting out the name of the person next to you in a circle.


Group exercise, Icebreaker

Required materials


Key explanation points

  • Ask participants to stand in a circle, look to their left, and ask that person their name.
  • Explain that the name of the person on your left is the name you will use in the exercise.
  • Next, ask everyone to gently bend over and clap quietly, repeating that one person’s name to the left.
  • Slowly, ask everyone to lift their bodies up, and to make their clapping and voice louder and louder until they are shouting out the person’s name next to them.

Facilitation notes

Facilitators should take the group through the exercise once, so that everyone understands, then repeat it once, or as many times as the group wishes.

Alternative option

  • Facilitators could have one participant stand in the middle in turn, and have the group call out their name as described above. This would take longer than 15 minutes.
  • Participants could call out the name of the person to their left in the first round, then switch to the person to their right in the second round.