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This is a seemingly simple, but very moving, exercise to support participants in recognising the power and strength they have within to keep themselves safe and well.


Group exercise

Required materials


Key explanation points

  • Each participant sits in the middle of the room on a chair, with the facilitator behind him/her (the facilitator could put his/her hands on the participant’s shoulders to offer support if that is culturally/contextually appropriate—remember that physical touch can be supportive or upsetting, so always ask permission to touch a participant).
  • The participant is asked to tell the group the powers they have within themselves.
  • When all participants have spoken, the facilitator explains that this exercise is: to remind you of how strong you are, and how much you have within you. So often we hear about power that is scary, destructive; this is about the power to keep ourselves strong and safe.

Facilitation notes

  • Use this exercise at the end of the day, as a strong and positive closing exercise.
  • While it is important not to limit the participants as they describe the power they have, as a guideline, facilitators could suggest they list 3–5 powers.