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This activity should be a follow-on to the ‘pillars’ exercise. Once participants have assessed what elements they would like to focus more attention on in their lives, they then develop a personal plan to take steps to develop the ‘underdeveloped’ pillars.


Individual and group exercise

Required materials

Blank paper, pencils or pen

Key explanation points

  • Ask participants to choose four pillars that they would like to work on (that are important but not developed).
  • For each pillar, they should then identify three goals they would like to achieve to develop that pillar. For each of these goals, they should describe what skills are needed to achieve them and what inner strengths/power they already have to accomplish this goal.
  • Goals should be achievable and realistic.
  • Participants can add pillars if necessary.
  • Participants should work on their own for around 15 minutes, and then in pairs for an additional 15 minutes.
  • A presentation or discussion should follow.

The pillar plan could include “goal”, “skills needed” and “Inner strength/power to achieve” in columns.

Facilitation notes

It can be challenging for participants to develop concrete goals and personal plans. Facilitators should be active in circulating and supporting participants during this process. In addition, facilitators should consider pre-selecting pairs to ensure that participants that may be struggling are matched up with stronger participants.

Alternate option

  • For groups that need more support, consider using triads instead of pairs for the joint work on personal plans.
  • If there isn’t time for a group discussion of the plans, participants could choose a partner from their organisation or a friend who can remind them to develop the expressed goals.