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This is an exercise that gives participants an opportunity to explore the concept of power in a group, using the handout as a discussion piece.


Group exercise

Required materials

Handout on power, in appropriate language.

Key explanation points

  • Divide participants into groups of 4 or 5 people.
  • Ask them to read through the handout, and discuss for 30 minutes.
  • The small groups should return to the larger group and share their observations on the exercise and conclusions from their group for 30 minutes.

Facilitation notes

  • The discussion portion in small groups is deliberately unstructured, as the handout is enough to provoke a lively conversation without guiding questions.
  • However, if groups require some additional guidance, you can ask them to consider: ‘do they agree or disagree with the points presented in the handout?’, ‘can they share stories in their lives of challenges they’ve experienced different forms of power?’, ‘do they think that power dynamics affect solidarity in their movement?’