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This is a good closing exercise that asks participants to write down a commitment to improve their integrated security for which they need support. Through the exercise, they are paired with another participant who will follow up with them to offer encouragement and support.


Group exercise

Required materials

One blank index card per participant, coloured ball of yarn.

Key explanation points1

  • Have everyone write down one task on an index card related to their integrated security that they will commit to, and that they would like support for. They should put their name on one side of the card and the task on the other. All cards should then be folded with just the name showing and put in the centre of the room.
  • Participants are then asked to select randomly one card from the pile and just look at the name on the card without opening it. If anyone has accidentally selected his/her own card, they can exchange it with the person to their left until everyone has someone else’s card.
  • The group stands in a circle and one person is given a ball of coloured yarn. They should take one end of the ball, call out the name of the person’s card they are holding, and throw the ball to them. This should continue until all names have been called.
  • As the group stands with a web in front of them, the facilitator should explain that the person who has your card should contact you in the next week just to check in and ask how they can support you with your task.

Facilitation notes

This exercise helps to ‘cement’ a sense of commitment to taking the workshop process forward for individuals and to continue to build connections between participants.

Alternative option

If you can’t find a ball of yarn for the exercise, try to be creative and use something playful, like stress balls or balloons. This keeps the exercise light, fun and positive.


Adapted by Jane Barry from an original exercise used at Grantmakers without Borders conferences.