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This is an interactive, energetic exercise that works well to stimulate participants’ thinking about integrated wellness, it is equally useful for facilitators to assess attitudes of the group.


Group exercise

Required materials

Set of questions for barometer.

Key explanation points1

  • Ask participants to stand up, and explain that one end of the room represents the place where you strongly agree to a statement, the opposite end is where you strongly disagree, and the middle is neutral.
  • Ask participants to place themselves in each space depending on how they answer each of a series of 10–15 statements.
  • Give simple statements at first (such as: ‘I am a cat lover’), so that participants can get a feel for the exercise.
  • Then, give more complex and challenging statements that have been prepared for the group, such as: ‘my organisation supports me when I need a break’; ‘I rest when I need to’; or ‘I am not prejudiced’. For the first set of 8–10 statements, the facilitator asks for between two and five comments; the last five statements are made without comment.

Facilitation notes

  • This exercise should move quickly, it is very interactive and good as an ice-breaker.
  • Participants are free to change positions if they hear a comment that helps them think more deeply about the statement.
  • Facilitators should have a set of questions prepared in advance that are most relevant to the group and the type of issues we want to explore. Though the example questions are about integrated wellness, they could also address key issues, such as solidarity, power or trust.


Suggested by Sandra Ljubinkovic.