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the introductions session is composed of two activities: first is an introductions and expectation exercise of two parts – a participant introduction exercise and presentation of workshop expectations; and second is a facilitator presentation providing an overview of the workshop.

Session objectives

  • to introduce participants to each other and to facilitators;
  • to introduce dynamically the idea that the ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ are integral to the lives of women human rights defenders;
  • to support a safe space by having each participant share both stories and the physical manifestations of important moments and people in their lives;
  • to help facilitators understand the participants’ priorities and their expectations for the workshop; and
  • to set out the basic structure of the workshop, including guiding principles, logistics and ground rules.

Adaption notes:

This introductions and expectations exercise has been consistently effective and should not require specific adaptation. Some portions of the overview session could be presented during the opening session.