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Participants shout out one- or two-word answers to the following question: what does security mean to you? Answers are written on a flipchart. This is the springboard for the following presentation on the integrated security framework.



Required materials

Flipchart paper and marker pens.

Key explanation points

  • There is always energy—and great honesty—in our initial thoughts.
  • Can you tell us the first thoughts and the first words that come into your head when you hear the words ‘safety’ and ‘security’?
  • Do not think about it, just shout it out!
  • We will not discuss the answers, just list them for now.
  • There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers—this is your definition of security.

Facilitation notes

  • have one facilitator write the answers on a flipchart while another facilitates the process;
  • depending on how much information is gathered, use stacking or other methods to combine the ideas and incorporate them into the next session;
  • this is a fun exercise, once people get the hang of it and start to shout out… everything (which is the point). It is meant also to be empowering, because it is redefining security, breaking down the public–private barriers and taking security out of the usual restricted, patriarchal constructs; and
  • this exercise sets the stage for the following, major presentation on ‘integrated security’, outlining the workshop’s conceptual framework.