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This is a strong presentation and sets the tone for the workshop as it introduces its conceptual framework. Key points include how ‘well-being’ and ‘safety’ are interlinked, and an introduction to the ‘personal’ side of security.


Presentation followed by a group discussion

Required materials


Facilitation notes

  • This presentation can be adapted from the manual’s section on ‘What is integrated security?’, which explains the concept of integrated security.
  • In addition, portions of this presentation must be adapted specifically to the participant’s context – this information is drawn from pre-workshop interviews and research (as explained in Preparation tips).
  • After the presentation, request participants’ reactions to the integrated security presentation. Did anything surprise them, or particularly resonate with them?
  • This will be the first opportunity for the participants to begin talking about their experiences and the impacts of the work on their lives. This session should be essentially open and unstructured, with facilitators ensuring that all participants have a chance to speak. The reactions and stories that emerge will help guide the next session on challenges and threats, as many challenges will manifest themselves. 
  • At the end of this session, facilitators will need to a) respond to specific reactions and b) extract some key themes from the stories for their closing remarks, underlining that these and other stories more will be discussed in the next session.

Alternative option

Introduce and weave into the text the presentation on ‘threats’ in this session, rather than in the following Session 4, to keep the discussion flowing.