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This is an exercise to work on individual participant’s priority threats and challenges—to develop and analyse potential response strategies.


Group exercise

Required materials

Flipchart paper and marker pens

Key explanation points

  1. Facilitators divide participants into groups.
  2. Each person returns to the two current threats they are dealing with (and worked through in the previous risk and threat assessment exercise: one private, one public).
  3. Then they list the current strategies they are using and potential strategies to deal with these problems, as well as their allies and what they are missing.
  4. If there is time, or in a later exercise, ask participants to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of their strategies (or to select one or two key strategies that emerge).

Facilitation notes

While participants will list two different threats, the strategies (as well as the capacities, allies and missing elements) may apply to both threats.

The important part of this exercise is the process of group work—as participants work through each other’s threats and strategies together, they will really support one another in thinking them through.