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  • How do I use my time? exercise and reactions; and
  • Integrated wellness strategies exercise and discussions.

Session objectives:

  • to banish the mindset that problems are insurmountable and that we have no strategies;
  • to remind women human rights defenders of their power to make choices and to heal themselves (which in turn helps us to look at how to support others);
  • to introduce a range of useful, practical integrated wellness strategies;
  • to remove blocks to our access to sustainability strategies; and
  • to make participants aware of their internal capacities – and that changing the culture of human rights work begins with the individual.

Adaptation notes

  • The integrated wellness strategies exercise can be replaced or enhanced by exercises included in Facilitator’s Toolkit. In some cases, Day Two may be designed with a focus entirely on well-being.
  • Integrated wellness strategy exercises can be held outside, in nature (which is preferable). They can be preceded by a silent meditation walk.
  • For more challenging groups, the integrated wellness exercise can be replaced by an open discussion of strategies to cope with violence and/or stress.