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Close the workshop with a celebration of each participant; and to remind participants that celebrating successes is a key strategy for staying safe and well, despite the ongoing challenges of the work.


Closing exercise

Required materials

One candle per participant, one plate/candle holder (optional), matches.

Key explanation points

  • Facilitators ask all participants to stand in a circle and hand out a candle to each person.
  • Facilitators explain that each person will be asked to take a few minutes to share a success/achievement they are proud of (this can be anything – ‘personal’ or ‘professional’).
  • Facilitators then ask the first person to speak and to light their candle using the main candle in the centre.
  • Once that person has finished describing what they are proud of, they turn to the person next to them, light that person’s candle, and then that person speaks in turn.
  • This continues until everyone has spoken, including the facilitators.
  • Then, each participant lays down their candle in the circle in front of them.
  • Take a moment of silence as a group.

Facilitation notes

This exercise also is a reminder of what gives us strength, and how important it is to take time to feel and celebrate our successes – individually and collectively. This exercise balances out the energy of some of the difficult and draining aspects of the workshop to help participants remember their own strengths and what is possible. In addition, it is a great example of an important strategy for staying safe and well: sharing and celebrating our tremendous successes.