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Session 4: Understanding and assessing challenges and threats in context

By Mattias Lustig

Activities Session objectives Adaptation notes Challenges and obstacles versus threats: some group members, particularly those who have experienced very extreme levels of threat, will understand immediately the concept of ‘threats’. For others, the terms ‘challenges’ or ‘obstacles’ may be easier to work with than ‘threats’. This is because the threats they may face are more subtle … Continued

Session 3: Integrated security: The conceptual framework

By Mattias Lustig

Activites: This session consists of three activities: a ‘brainstorm’ during which participants shout out words that define security in their lives; an ‘integrated security presentation’ in which facilitators explain the development and meaning of the concept; and a ‘group discussion’ that gives participants an opportunity to reflect and ask questions. Session objectives Adaptation notes This … Continued