Session 9:
Group exercise and presentation

An exercise to pull together detailed recommendations on the integrated security priorities of workshop participants for organisations, movements and supporting bodies.


Group exercise to develop recommendations and discussion.

Session objectives:

  • to identify and develop key recommendations for organisations and movements on specific aspects of safety and well-being of women human rights defenders.

required materials:

Flipchart paper and marker pens.

Key explanation points:

  • begin with a brainstorm on specific priority themes that participants want to develop to take back to their organisations and movements;
  • break into groups of four (three if there is enough time) and develop the recommendations from the brainstorm into specific steps that should be taken to implement them; and
  • take each step, and answer each of the following questions:
  1. What can you/your organisation do to implement this recommendation step?
  2. What can your network/movement do to implement this recommendation step?
  3. What can international organisations do to implement this recommendation step?

Workshop example:

Recommendation: address the threat of sexual and gender-based violence against women human rights defenders in the region

Recommendation steps What can you or your organisation do to implement the recommendation? What can your network/ movement do to implement the recommendation? What can international organisations do to implement the recommendation?

Prevention (before)
Self-defence training (physical and legal preparation) Organise training: conduct a needs assessment; choose trainers; select locations; prepare modules Exchange of experience Participation in trainings Financial support Experience in self-defence training
Legal preparation Information on the laws protecting victims of violence Information meetings, booklets, pamphlets, menstrual calendars (with information on the back), television and radio programmes, work with the media Preparation and dissemination of information Make use of international experience
In case of an attack (immediate response)
Activate human rights network, support group, hospital Legal support (contact a pro bono lawyer) Acquire information on hotlines Provide information Moral support Rapid response
After an attack
Gather all evidence/ documentation to bring to court Lawyers for defence Psychological support Moral support Psycho-social Rehabilitation Help to influence court decision Support rehabilitation process Prevention funds for lawyers and social workers etc.
Rehabilitation for the family Visits to the activists’ family (to give psychological and moral support) Provide bulletins on legal protection to violence survivors